The Effect of Different Leadership Styles on Job Satisfaction




Leadership Style, Democratic Style, Autocratic Style, Laissez-Faire Style, Job Satisfaction


Leadership styles are a significant factor in achieving job satisfaction and directing it to achieve organizational goals. Every manager should consider employees as the organization's most critical asset to provide welfare and increase job satisfaction. Leadership styles are designed to improve job satisfaction. Data for this study were collected using a questionnaire forum developed for this purpose and distributed across the sample. We obtained a response rate of approximately 252 responses through simple random sampling. The data was entered and analyzed using correlation and regression models with the assistance of SPSS version 25, a statistical program. The findings indicated that all styles (democratic – autocratic – laissez-faire) of leadership styles significantly impact employees' job satisfaction. However, if it is the democratic leadership style that employees prefer and the positive impact on job satisfaction, which is the best one that shows higher job satisfaction? In contrast, autocratic and laissez-faire leadership styles are not accepted and harm the employees, resulting in lower job satisfaction.  


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October 31, 2023

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Saeed, S. A., Ali, S. O., & Rashid, . K. M. (2023). The Effect of Different Leadership Styles on Job Satisfaction . Organization and Human Capital Development, 2(2), 16–30.

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