Focus and Scope

The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Studies (IJEASS) is a journal dedicated to advancing knowledge across a diverse array of fields related to business and economics. Central to its mission is the exploration of Entrepreneurship, a dynamic field that drives innovation, economic growth, and societal progress. Recognizing the intrinsic link between entrepreneurship and sustainability, the journal underscores the importance of sustainable practices in ensuring the long-term viability of new ventures. This interconnectedness extends to areas like Business, Accounting, and Finance, which are foundational to entrepreneurial success and sustainable growth. Furthermore, specialized areas such as Islamic Entrepreneurship and Banking, Green Accounting, and Sustainability Development are explored, reflecting the global and diverse nature of contemporary business practices. The journal also delves into the intricacies of Marketing, E-Commerce, Consumer Behavior, and Digital Accounting, acknowledging the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Simultaneously, areas like Urban and Rural Development, Natural Resource Management, and Regional Economics are covered, emphasizing the broader socio-economic context in which businesses operate. The IJEASS, therefore, serves as a nexus for scholars and practitioners, bridging the gap between entrepreneurship's vitality and the imperative of sustainability in the modern economic environment.