The Effect of Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance and Psychological Well-Being on Employee Performance at PT. JAS


  • Nina Nurhasanah Universitas Esa Unggul, Indonesia
  • Yan Adiyasa Sendi Pratama Fakultas Ekomoni dan Bisnis, Universitas Esa Unggul, Indonesia
  • Irma Nurmaisyah Fakultas Ekomoni dan Bisnis, Universitas Persada Indonesia Y. A. I, Indonesia



Work is a need for each human in carrying themself to a more fulfilling state than previously. What's more, a human is additionally expected to proceed to improve and foster the quality and potential in execution and efficiency in the organization to be a benchmark for progress at work and furthermore have the ability to rival others in further developing work. One of the significant elements that should be considered by the organization in accomplishing these work requests is the HR factor. The reason for this study is to figure out how much fulfillment is felt by PT JAS workers, particularly in the Product Division. Notwithstanding fulfillment, work balance, and mental equilibrium of the representatives who work. Information was gathered utilizing an examining procedure utilizing an immersed test (evaluation test), where all representatives of PT JAS in the Product unit will be the examination test. In light of the exploration that has been done, information with respect to the degree of occupation fulfillment is 0.916, the balance between fun and serious activities is 0.911, mental prosperity is 0.797, and the worker execution level is 0.933. An impediment of this examination is that it alludes to a portion of the shortcomings in this exploration. A portion of the impediments in this exploration is that it just talks about Occupation Fulfillment, WLB, and Mental Prosperity on Representative Execution. Just investigating the Commodity Office at Soekarno Hatta Worldwide Air terminal with the goal that it influences the exploration results. The factors of Occupation Fulfillment, Mental Prosperity, and Balance between fun and serious activities jointly affect worker execution, and that implies that structure and keeping up with fulfillment between proficient life and day-to-day life have become challenging to arrive at these days. Late investigations on endeavors to increment fulfillment between work and day-to-day life are known as the idea of work and family fulfillment. Work and family fulfillment as an equilibrium of job fulfillment in work and day-to-day life can be involved by the board as an instrument to spur, reward, and invigorate business development. Observed that two out of three members in his review had extravagance and comfort fulfillment, which was then connected with higher work fulfillment.


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January 1, 2023

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Nurhasanah, N., Pratama, Y. A. S. ., & Nurmaisyah, I. . (2023). The Effect of Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance and Psychological Well-Being on Employee Performance at PT. JAS. Applied Quantitative Analysis, 2(2), 1–13.

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