Aim Scope

The International Journal of Emerging Issues in Islamic Studies (IJEIIS) extends a cordial invitation to authors and scholars vested in Islamic Studies and its multifaceted interconnections to contribute their scholarly works, scientific articles, and studies. This journal seeks to foster the dissemination of research outcomes, thereby engaging a diverse readership both within society and on a global scale. The primary objective is to facilitate the substantive development of Emerging Issues in Islamic Studies, encompassing both theoretical underpinnings and practical applications.

The ambit of IJEIIS is intentionally broad, aiming to encompass a rich array of subjects within Islamic social science. Authors are encouraged to explore and contribute to various interdisciplinary areas, integrating Islamic perspectives into their research. The scope includes but is not limited to Sustainable Development, Economics, Finance, Tarbiyah and Education, Halal Studies, Shariah Law and Regulation, Culture, Communication, Civilization, History, Philosophy, Politics, and Social Studies.

In delineating the aim and scope, IJEIIS strives to be a platform where scholarly pursuits meet societal relevance. The envisioned impact of published research is not only to advance the academic discourse in Islamic Studies but also to provide practical insights that resonate with contemporary global challenges. As such, contributions are expected to be both insightful and relevant, fostering a dynamic dialogue that enriches the broader understanding of Islamic social science. The journal welcomes submissions that delve into the intricacies of Islamic thought across diverse disciplines, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive exploration of the subject matter.