Focus and Scope

The journal has an global perspective on Management, entrepreneurship, Social Science and Humanities and publishes conceptual papers and empirical studies which bring together issues of interest to academic researchers and educators, policy-makers and practitioners worldwide. The way entrepreneurship, management, social science, and humanities all fit together is like pieces of a puzzle. Entrepreneurship is about creating new ideas and businesses, while management is about guiding and leading them in the changing world of business. Social science helps us understand how people and societies work, and this knowledge influences how managers and entrepreneurs make decisions. Humanities, on the other hand, remind us about important ethical and cultural aspects that shape our society. All these fields are connected, and this connection helps us deal with the complex issues and opportunities in our fast-changing world. The scope mainly focuses on but not limited to:  


In the dynamic world of business and innovation, entrepreneurship plays a role by exploring various aspects, including entrepreneurs behavior, Social entrepreneurship, Social enterprise, small medium enterprise, small economics.


Management is the cornerstone of effective and efficient business operations. This category encompasses the key areas of operational management, people management, knowledge management, finance, marketing, and business administration. It further extends its reach into the global landscape with a focus on international business and the crucial role of business communication. Additionally, the category explores the complexities of human resources and organizational behavior, providing valuable insights into the dynamics of modern workplaces.

Social Science

Social science is a diverse field that delves into the intricate fabric of human society and behavior. Within this category, one can explore the multifaceted disciplines of psychology, law, language, sociology, government science, and the dynamics of communities. It also encompasses the evolving field of community development and the impact of politics on society, creating a platform for understanding the complexities of our social world and the rich tapestry of cultures that shape our global community.


The humanities explore the quintessential aspects of our human existence, rights, and aspirations. Within this category, we delve into critical topics such as human rights, women's empowerment, indigenous people, culture, and societal norms. The journal also focusses in representing the challenges and efforts to bring about peace and stability in a region of great historical and cultural significance.