Focus and Scope

Inclusive Society and Sustainability Studies (ISSUES) is a transdisciplinary science journal. ISSUES serves as an academic forum dedicated to the rigorous examination of the intricate interrelationships that underpin the pursuit of sustainability and inclusive society within the contemporary global context. In today's complex and interconnected world, the quest for sustainable development is inextricably linked to the welfare of individuals, communities, and the environment, encompassing multifaceted dimensions such as ensuring equitable access to sustainable food sources, promoting societal inclusivity, fostering ethical corporate practices, managing calamities effectively, and optimizing supply chain operations with sustainability as a core principle. These seemingly disparate domains, nonetheless, exhibit intrinsic connections and interdependencies. Our journal endeavors to explore these intricate linkages and unearth novel insights that transcend disciplinary boundaries. We cordially invite scholars and researchers to delve into these multifaceted issues and provide erudite contributions that propel the discourse on crafting a more sustainable and inclusive global milieu. We encourage submission of the research in the area of :

- Sustainable food access
- Inclusive society : poverty, tourism, environmental and socio-economic approaches to sustainable development
- Sustainable corporation, organization, and business model,
- Sustainable education
- Disaster management
- Sustainable supply chain management

The journal welcomes research manuscripts which include theories and practices in current methodologies, technologies, and issues of Inclusive Society, Sustainability, and Sustainable Development. All articles to be published in this journal will have undergone double-blind review process.