Focus & Scope

Logistic and Operation Management Research (LOMR)  is an original journal established for researchers and scholarly-oriented practitioners in the fields of logistics, supply chain and operation management. The editors and editorial board members sought to provide a professional and peer-reviewed journal providing an international forum for scientific advancement, intellectual exchange, and scholarly communications. The journal publishes quickly-refereed research articles and other scholarly contributions, including reviews and short notes, in an open access format, making them free to readers around the world. 


Our aim is to encourage scholars and practitioners to publish their research and theoretical or substantive insights in as effective a manner as possible. Electronic files presenting fuller details of the data, calculations, methodological procedures interviews, etc. may be included as ‘appendix’. We are particularly interested in publishing articles, reviews, insights, and exchanges that deal with cutting-edge, innovative, and transformative logistics, supply chain and operation management issues. The subject areas below represent just a sample of such topics:

Logistic Engineering

-Supply Chain Management

-Distribution Planning

-Transportation Engineering

-Applied Operations Research

-Modelling and Simulation in Engineering

-Information Technology in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

-Engineering Management and Technology

- Analytics and cognitive computing in logistics

- Autonomous (drivereless) transportation and delivery

- Big data and predictive analytics

- Block chain logistics

- Collaboration on innovation and new product development

- Decision support systems

- Food chain management and traceability

- Green logistics and sustainable supply chains

- Health care and life sciences logistics

- Humanitarian and disaster relief logistics

- Internet of things and industry 4.0

- Lean production systems

- Logistics clusters

- Logistics and the competiveness of firms and places

- Real-time visibility, tracking, and control

- Reverse logistics

- Supplier relationship management

- Supply chain best practices

- World class logistic