Focus and Scope

The Journal of Education Policy and Development (EPD) is a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing discourse on education policy and its development. This journal is conceived with the objective of addressing a critical gap in academic literature and providing a comprehensive outlet for rigorous research and analysis in the field of education policy.

As a peer-reviewed publication, the EPD Journal invites diverse discussions employing various approaches and methodologies on education policy discourse across all educational levels. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Sociology to school learning and teaching: The topic covers but is not limited to the social integration of education, socialization, Social Placement, social and cultural innovation.
  • Digitalization of Schools: but not limited to Learning Methods in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0, metacognitive teaching method, cooperative teaching method, student center learning, assessment in learning and teaching, online learning, evaluation of distance learning, the effectivity of distance learning
  • Curriculum review and program planning research: The topic covers but is not limited to curriculum and instruction, curriculum development, curriculum evaluation, support elements of an effective curriculum.
  • School and community-based management: The topic covers, but not limited to, school-based management, parent participation in school-based management, school-community relations, and community development (economic, social, and physical)
  • Higher Education Development, including Higher education quality assurance, human resource, finance and Internationalization.
  • Education (Miscellaneous)

The issue also invites high-quality research on teaching and learning processes, school leadership and policy, instructional techniques and programs, assessment practices, and developments in learning technology.