Focus and Scope

The Journal of Elementary and Secondary School (JESS) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed publication established to serve as a platform for researchers, educators, and practitioners to disseminate their findings, theories, and best practices related to primary and secondary education. JESS is devoted to serving as a central hub for sharing new knowledge and research in this field, creating a space for collaboration, networking, and exchanging ideas.

Starting from this point, JESS is open for paper submission on both education theory and research for teaching practice by applying the most recent findings on this topic. Encompassing a thorough exploration of primary and secondary education, JESS encapsulates a diverse array of subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • Competencies and Learning: The topic covers but is not limited to socioemotional competence and learning competencies, especially grades 1-9 for school.
  • Cognitive psychology: The topic covers but is not limited to psychology that studies mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem-solving, creativity, and mindset, which focuses on Grades 1-9 for school
  • Sociology to school learning and teaching: The topic covers but is not limited to the social integration of education, socialization, Social Placement, and social and cultural innovation in the Grades 1-9 School
  • Digitalization of Schools: but not limited to Learning Methods in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0, metacognitive teaching method, cooperative teaching method, student center learning, assessment in learning and teaching, online learning, evaluation of distance learning, the effectivity of distance learning in Grade 1-9 for school