A Review of Halal Tourism Implementation in Indonesia towards A Global Perspective



halal tourism, halal facilities, halal tourism condition, government


According to global tourism trends, the demand for halal tourism destinations has moved into a market that could draw about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. It is a significant number that will lead to a great impact on economic development. With almost 231 million adherents, Indonesia is the most populous country in the world, with a majority of Muslims. However, more discussion still needs to be on halal tourism implementation in Indonesia. This research aims to understand halal tourism in Indonesia towards a global perspective. The literature review methodology was used to analyse the secondary data gathered from research articles, social media, websites, and related references. The result shows that three areas need to be noticed in advance for halal tourism implementation (halal tourism terms, infrastructure and facilities for halal tourism, and actual halal tourism conditions). Indonesia needs more improvement before it becomes a top travel halal tourism on a global scale. Moreover, the government needs to overcome and embrace the diversity issues embedded in Indonesia by compromising the social, cultural, and environmental aspects. This paper has contributed to giving the activity stages to implement the halal tourism concept, which meets the global perspective yet fulfils the local context.


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May 31, 2023

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Rahmawati, S., Prahadipta, W. E., & Anggahegari, P. (2023). A Review of Halal Tourism Implementation in Indonesia towards A Global Perspective. Journal of Halal Science, Industry, and Business, 1(1), 1–14. Retrieved from https://journals.researchsynergypress.com/index.php/jhasib/article/view/1584

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