The Influence of Price, Halal Brands, and Marketing Management Strategies on Consumer Satisfaction


  • Rohimah Rohimah As-Syafi’iyah Islamic University, Indonesia



Consumer Satisfaction, Halal Label, Price Effect, Marketing Management Strategy


The aim of this research was to assess the impact of price, presence of a halal label, and marketing management strategies on consumer satisfaction with Aci Taubat meatballs, as a popular food choice among consumers across various socioeconomic classes in Indonesia, particularly within the middle-class spectrum. Additionally, Aci Taubat meatballs are classified under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) program. This study used quantitative research methods, employing multiple regression analysis for processing sample data. Using probability sampling and Likert scale-based questionnaires, primary data for this study was collected from 100 Aci Taubat customers without applying any specific selection criteria. The results revealed that pricing has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Conversely, the presence of a halal label and the employed marketing management strategy did not significantly impact customer satisfaction. Despite the lack of significance, all three independent variables maintained a positive influence on the dependent variable, customer satisfaction with Aci Taubat meatballs. These findings emphasize the significance of informed pricing decisions and the development of a strong halal brand image. The role of marketing management strategies is critical in enhancing consumer satisfaction. These implications suggest the need for further research and underscore the relevance of consumer satisfaction-based business strategies. Such strategies are essential for companies aiming to design effective approaches and maintain market share in segments that are sensitive to halal considerations.


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May 30, 2024

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Rohimah, R. (2024). The Influence of Price, Halal Brands, and Marketing Management Strategies on Consumer Satisfaction . Journal of Halal Science, Industry, and Business, 2(1), 90–103.

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