Technological Provision on Employee Green Behavior: Implementation on Technology-based Start-up Company in Indonesia




Environmental Awareness, Green Human Behavior, Green Human Resources Management, Technological Provision


The significance of sustainability in today’s world has forced enterprises to concentrate on attaining sustainable performance by managing its social, economic, and environmental aspects over time. The implementation of green behavior by employees is an initiative to comprehensively address various environmental problems, which is formed by the advanced technology owned by the organization. This research aims to examine technological provisions for green human behavior in the implementation of technology-based start-up companies in Indonesia. Using The Green Five Model—a taxonomy for understanding the many types of environmental behaviors that people engage in their lives. This study uses causal research to determine the role of technological provision on green human behavior. This study used a non-probability sampling technique, particularly purposive sampling for 50 respondents. As for the analysis method, descriptive analysis is used to describe and explain the phenomena that occur based on the facts and data obtained. On the other hand, verification data analysis was used to verify the truth of the hypothesis using SmartPLS 4.0 for statistical calculations. Company programs aimed at implementing environmentally friendly business activities will optimize green behavior in daily activities. Therefore, organizations need to design technological provisions to form green behavior patterns. Result shows that technological provision has a great influence on green human behavior in tech-based startup companies in Indonesia. This research is limited to employees working in technology-based startup companies in Indonesia.


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May 30, 2024

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Assyofa, A. R., Saraswati, N., & Santosa, M. I. (2024). Technological Provision on Employee Green Behavior: Implementation on Technology-based Start-up Company in Indonesia. Journal of Halal Science, Industry, and Business, 2(1), 39–51.

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