About the Journal

The Advanced Journal of STEM Education is a multi-disciplinary journal in subject content education focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which shares research in a broad spectrum of topics in STEM education. AJOSED provides a unique forum for the dissemination of research on, among other things, the design and implementation of technology-rich learning environments, new pedagogies, and curriculum in STEM education that encourage effective learning, including teacher education. Contributions from scholars within and across subject content fields (e.g., natural science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), social science fields (e.g., education, psychology, and sociology), specific challenges in improving students' achievement, approaches used to motivate and engage students, and lessons learned from changes in curriculum and instruction in STEM education, as well as translational STEM education research that bridges research and practice, will be encouraged. In addition, the journal includes brief papers that give case studies or highlight evidence-based improvements in educational training curricula or pedagogical methods in various education systems throughout the world.