The Place of Makerspace of Stem Education in Nigeria


  • Moses Adenuga Adeniji Olabisi Onobanjo University, Nigeria
  • Massey Olujumoke Olutoyosi University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Nigeria



Makerspace, STEM Education, Africa, Training, Skills worker


This research focus on the role of maker- space to promote Stem education in Nigeria, The target audience for the work is learners  that  are at the stage of learning who are involve in invention creation . Makerspace can be conceived  as an avenue for inventors  to use their inbuilt talents  to bring up an innovation.  The word  STEM mean  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  a broad term from  different disciplines put  together under an umbrella of the word . STEM  is a ubiquitous word  that  cuts across every facet of human existence beginning  with  conception, birthing process,  activities that  sorround  growth and  development  for the   realization of goals and human development  in invention exercise.

STEM education is germane to the survival of every developed, under developed and  developing nation hence the look at the state of STEM education globally, in the United State of America for instance it has helped her citizen to build a formidable education, health care, economy, social amenities and military system  that  drawn her strength from STEM education while in in India, Italy and Singapore, we have  homogenous international set of comprehensive STEM standards and education for schools based on the demography, availability of resources, qualifications of facilitators and experiences of STEM educators.

While in Canada the youths disengage from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies before graduation from secondary schools,  this is  detrimental to the growth of the nation to therefore address  the nation  retraced its steps, determined to prepare the youth  for a future where disruptive technologies and changes in the labour market will reward highly skilled workers. While in Africa the continent  is lagging behind other continents of the world in scientific productivity and knowledge systems.. To achieve  the expected  the stakeholders  the   decision makers that focus on education of   Africa must be willing to embrace STEM education in its totality and must be willing to make needed resources available for the development and growth of education in African continent.


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November 29, 2023

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